Is There an Easy Way to Finance Your Needs?

November 30, 2020


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It is easier than ever before to find a way to finance your needs with the help of an online business. Online financing for many people is a great way to start, grow, and even expand an existing business. In this day and age of economic uncertainty, there are more people than ever before that are starting their own businesses. If you have a good idea, or if you are just looking to add to your existing income, it may be a good time to take advantage of online lending programs.

Online lending can be very effective in helping you to secure the funding that you need to start a new company. You do not have to worry about the amount of money you would have to put up for a loan, as well as the interest rates. With the help of an online lender, you will not have to worry about the hassles that typically arise from filling out paperwork or having to deal with difficult or downright impossible figures on your credit report.

The easiest way to finance your needs

If you are looking for specific information, it may also be helpful to look for a landing site that caters specifically to your state or location. By using a national site, you will have access to lenders who serve people all over the country. Lending sites that focus strictly on a certain region may offer you a more limited selection of lenders.

WHAT TYPE OF SHORT TERM LOAN CAN I GET? When you are looking to borrow money, there are several different types of financing options available. Most people will choose a payday loan, but there are also installment loans. Regardless of what type of financing you require, there are ways to get approved so that you can start making your dreams come true.

Once you have found a legitimate and trustworthy online lender, you will need to meet with them in person in order to discuss your personal financial situation. The lender will walk you through the process, explain to you the terms of the loan, and help you understand the process as best as possible.

Find a lender that offers a line of credit

You will be required to make one or more monthly installments. These payments to the online lender will be used to pay for the interest on the loan. You will also be responsible for paying back the loan at the end of the term, which will depend on the type of funding you have received from the lender.

There are many different ways to get a good deal on a loan, and the right online lender can be just the right solution for you. It may not be as simple as you may think, but it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get started in a new business.

So, if you have a great idea or are just looking for a way to make your existing business even better, it may be time to take advantage of an easy way to finance your needs. Just remember to do your research and make sure that the lender you are dealing with is a reputable one that will make your experience smooth and hassle free. Once you have found the right lender and terms, you will find it to be the best way to start your new venture.

The reason why an easy way to finance your needs can be so beneficial

It’s because there are usually no closing fees and no set amounts for your loans that you will be required to repay in a short amount of time. If you have a good credit rating, your loans can be very affordable. Once you have finished paying off the loan and have established your credit, you will be able to start over with your business.

As long as you are aware of how to use this easy way to finance your needs, it is a great way to move your business forward. You will be able to focus on making your business profitable instead of worrying about the finances and the repayment of your debts.

Before jumping in with both feet, though, make sure that you do your homework first. There are plenty of reputable lenders out there who offer easy and affordable financing. but only choose wisely.

How to Refinance a Direct Loan and Improve Your Credit Score

November 1, 2020

Credit Scores

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It is possible to refinance a Direct Loan if you have bad credit. This means that you did not make the payments on time for at least two consecutive months and the balance is outstanding. Keep in mind that there are no exemptions from Direct Loan credit, which means that you must pay back your loan in full.

The federal government has instituted special loans for people with bad credit. These are referred to as the Direct Loan Program. These Direct Loans are usually guaranteed by the federal government.

Consider applying for a Direct Loan

It is important to understand that you will be competing against thousands of other applicants. Be prepared to explain why you need this loan. Be honest. Do not try to deceive the lender or promise them anything.

You must be able to demonstrate that you have a valid reason for needing the loan. In some cases, this can include the need to provide child care for the elderly, to provide medical coverage, or to consolidate your debt. Remember that no lender is going to approve you without at least a few reasons. The bank or lending institution will evaluate your circumstances to determine if you are a good candidate for a Direct Loan.

If you have a Current Bank Account, you may qualify for this type of loan. This usually requires a co-signer. Having a co-signer is important because it allows the borrower to use their personal information as security for the loan.

It is necessary to give sufficient reason for your financial hardship

You must be honest when describing your situation. Your inability to pay your mortgage payment, credit card debt, or other bills will be taken into consideration when you submit your application.

In addition to having a current bank account, you must provide your personal information. It is vital that you disclose exactly why you need the loan. This is needed to protect your credit.

The better your credit score is, the more likely you are to be approved for a loan. If you have not been paying your bills on time, it is better to wait until you improve your financial status. Doing so can take years, but it will improve your credit score as well.

Contacting a credit repair agency is one way to improve your credit

They will review your financial situation. They can get your credit score to the point where they believe it is accurate. This can save you from many late payments and creditor contact. You must be sure to follow the directions when applying for a loan. Failure to do so could result in getting a loan that you cannot afford. A lending institution may decline to lend you money if you do not know what you are doing with your finances.

You may be able to get free credit reports, credit repair advice, and other financial information. Visit the website for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. For your protection, these sources will be careful to explain all rights and responsibilities regarding your loan.

Before applying for a Direct Loan, do not forget to meet with your lender to discuss your financial situation. He or she will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You should feel comfortable with the lending institution to allow them to grant you the loan you want.

How to Get a Credit Report and Get Approved For a Loan

October 2, 2020

Credit Report

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There are many different steps to learning how to get a credit. Below you will find some simple tips and advice to help you on your way.

The first step to getting a credit report is to first register with a credit reporting agency. There are many different agencies out there that can help you obtain your report and there are some sites that can help you by providing you with your report for free.

The report will be sent to you by the agency

Before you start to get a credit report, you must have a legitimate source of income. This means you must have an employer that will report your earnings.

Many people that are trying to learn how to get credit are surprised at how difficult it is to get a credit score. It is important to understand that your score is not meant to be viewed as a representation of your financial reliability.

The credit scoring system is used in order to determine your personal credit history. It is a way of determining the potential risk associated with lending money.

To start off learning how to get a credit report and get approved for a loan

You need to learn what information each agency can provide. When you have this information, it will help you better understand your options for lenders.

Once you have some knowledge about how to use the FICO score, you can then begin using this score to locate lenders. You can find lenders that will give you a loan without a credit check or without an application, but this does require a high credit score.

When you are learning how to get credit there are many different kinds of loan options. Most people that are looking to get a credit check to start a new business will probably want to look into one of the banks.

If you are thinking about borrowing against your home equity loans, you will need to be prepared to be asked to provide collateral. However, if you are a business owner and plan to borrow against your assets, you will likely need to provide a deposit on the line of credit.

When you are looking to borrow against a car, truck, RV, or another vehicle, you will need to have a down payment. This is to ensure that you are taking responsibility for repayment.

When you are looking to get credit

You will need to prove that you have a financial obligation. The best way to do this is to put some money down on the line of credit.

These are just a few of the steps to learn how to get a credit. There are many more that will help you gain access to a credit that will help you with your financial future.

Loans with no upfront costs are only intended for employed workers

May 2, 2020


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Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that credit providers charge upfront costs for services that have not been provided at all. Those who fall for such dubious offers usually don’t see their money again. Fortunately, most providers work correctly and arrange loans at no upfront cost.

Financial service providers and who uses them

Financial service providers and who uses them

Anyone looking for a loan either uses the offers from their house bank or turns to an online bank. To save yourself the hassle, there are comparison options on the Internet. The Internet user receives the best offers at a glance and can submit a loan application directly to the relevant bank online. Reputable providers do not charge any upfront costs. However, if there are difficulties with creditworthiness, many use the offers of financial intermediaries.

These are not banks, but companies that have set themselves the task of brokering loans without any upfront costs in difficult cases. Anyone who has negative characteristics at Credit bureau in Germany usually gets a rejection when they request a loan. That is why some have to switch to intermediaries. This is exactly where the problems can arise, because, as mentioned at the beginning, there are black sheep that require additional costs. It can only be high, stay away from these offers.

Swiss loans with no upfront costs are considered

Swiss credit

In particularly difficult cases, only Swiss loans with no upfront costs are considered. They are free of Credit bureau, an inquiry is free and the loans are also arranged by financial service providers. If you have a permanent job, you get the last opportunity for a loan here. Swiss banks neither query Credit bureau nor report a loan to it. In Germany, nobody learns about this borrowing.

All formalities are completed online and by post. A personal visit to Switzerland is not planned and is not necessarily requested. Finally, there are brokers for Swiss loans. Freelancers, the self-employed and the unemployed do not need to ask here, these loans are only intended for employed workers.

Online loan with bad credit -Get on with your online loan application poor credit

January 22, 2020

Online loan application poor credit

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The Internet gives us broad access to various types of services. Without leaving home and without unnecessary formalities, we can handle a huge number of cases. It is no different in the case of the loan market. For several years, loan companies have been offering their clients online loans on account that enjoy unflagging popularity.

Loans via the Internet to your account – The Good Finance Bank has an entire list of such loans in one place for Internet users. This is a great site where you can get acquainted with a huge number of offers from various lenders in a few seconds. In today’s article, we explain the most important information about online loans.

Get on with your online loan application poor credit

An online loan is a great financial product that has been enjoying increasing popularity for some time. Many people value the fact that without unnecessary formalities and leaving home they can receive cash on their account. All the more so if you have previously received a negative decision from the bank.

It is also often the case that people who would easily get a bank loan also decide to get loans online. This is, of course, conditioned by the fact that non-bank companies operate much faster. Loan application procedures are devoid of unnecessary formalities, thanks to which we will obtain money much faster.

The loan company verifies the customer and pays him money usually on the same day because in the case of applying for financing at the bank it is practically unreal. In addition, we will not have many formalities to fulfill in the loan company. Usually, all you need to do is provide information about your ID card, present a statement of earnings (at this moment fewer and fewer loan companies use this solution). If there is a crisis and we need cash very quickly, then choosing the bad credit loan online offer from is the best solution available.

What are the main pros and cons of online loans?

What are the main pros and cons of online loans?

Of course, every financial product has its strengths and weaknesses – it is no different in the case of online loans. The most important disadvantage of online loans is that non-bank companies usually lend relatively small amounts of money to their clients.

Depending on which company we choose, we can receive from several hundred zlotys to several thousand. On the other hand, classic banking institutions can offer us much larger amounts (after meeting a number of stringent conditions).

The undoubted advantage of online account loans is certainly the quick application procedure. The money goes to our account several minutes after we verify the application submitted by us. Non-bank institutions do not verify their clients as well as banks. A higher interest rate is collateral for timely repayments, which is a big downside for many.

How to calculate your credit limit?

January 15, 2020


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Do you need money to complete a project? Do you know your credit limit, the maximum amount you can borrow? How to calculate this limit? Our explanations.

What is the credit limit?

What is the credit limit?

We talk about a credit limit to illustrate the maximum amount that can be borrowed by an individual when applying for credit. This limit is automatically calculated by the banks when submitting your file. Two cases then arise:

  • Calculate your credit limit

If the precise calculation method differs from one establishment to another, the principle remains the same. Thus, the credit limit corresponding to the maximum amount repayable in three years. To calculate the credit limit, the financial institution does the following:

  • Calculation of the gross budget : total of your income minus total of your compulsory expenses (insurance, rent, etc.).
  • Calculation of the budget surplus : in the gross budget, it is then necessary to remove the “current” expenses (taxes, food, children,…).
  • Calculation of the limit : the limit then corresponds to the maximum amount of a credit over three years that you could repay according to your surplus.

In a simplified way, once the monthly margin has been defined, it can be multiplied by a factor of around 30 to obtain the credit limit. In the case of a credit repurchase, the credit limit then corresponds to the total of the debts to be redeemed, plus a possible additional credit.

An example

An example

You have an income of 5,000 USD per month. After deducting the compulsory expenses, you have 2,500 USD. From these 2,500, another 1,500 USD is taken, corresponding to the current cost of living, to obtain a budget surplus of 1,000 USD monthly. To estimate your credit limit, simply multiply this excess by 30. You could then borrow a maximum of 30,000 USD.

Get your exact limit

Get your exact limit

To obtain a more precise credit limit, it is best to call on a specialized advisor. The latter will be able to study your budget in detail exhaustively to offer you a more precise estimate of your limit. In case of interest, it will then be possible to make a non-binding request to obtain your actual limit. In this case, do not forget to declare all your sources of income (and those of your spouse). Not only will you get a higher credit limit, but you will also benefit from better credit terms.

Getting a loan will be harder.

January 4, 2020


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Press Release: Providers of bank and non-bank loans will have to carefully consider who they will and who they will not. If your eye is narrowed and you are in delay, they will not only have problems with installments. Many non-bank lenders will end up – they must have a registered capital of at least 20 million crowns.

On the other hand, you will have the option to repay the loan at any time or to transfer it from another currency. This is the impact of the Senate Bill on Consumer Credit. At present, only the President’s signature is missing and the bill will be valid. We will have to wait for its effectiveness. Still, it’s good to know what this change will bring.

Harder conditions for non-bank providers

Harder conditions for non-bank providers

Providers of non-bank loans will have more difficult conditions for functioning on the Czech market. Only the Good Lender Bank will grant licenses. Pursuant to Section 14 of the Consumer Credit Act, these providers will have to have an initial share capital of at least USD 20,000,000.

Subsequently, it must maintain the share capital of at least 5% of the volume of loans outstanding and outstanding, which it shall report at the end of the calendar year. Moreover, the capital must not fall below the minimum amount of initial capital.

The law will have a negative impact on rogue lenders in particular, will enable better supervision of the honest lenders as well as the enforceability of law in this area.

They must assess your creditworthiness

They must assess your creditworthiness

Under Section 86 of the Consumer Credit Act, lenders will now be required to assess your creditworthiness. This means your ability to repay the agreed regular installments of the consumer loan. They will have to assess:

  • Before concluding a consumer credit agreement.
  • Before changing the obligation of such a contract, which consists in a significant increase in the total amount of credit.

The assessment shall be made on the basis of a comparison of revenue and expenditure and a comparison of the way in which existing debts have been settled. If the consumer credit is to be repaid in whole or in part by the proceeds of the sale of the property, the value of the property will also be assessed. In addition, however, other factors must be taken into account in the assessment, such as the presumption of succession proceedings, the sale of real estate and others.

Consequently, the loan may only be granted to you if the resulting assessment shows that you are able to repay it. If it fails to verify your ability to repay and provides the loan, the contract becomes invalid. And you have the opportunity to repay the loan interest-free and according to your possibilities.

Pay at any time

Pay at any time

Section 117 of the Consumer Credit Act regulates the possibility of early repayment. You are now entitled to repay this loan in full or in part at any time during its term. At the same time, you have the right to reduce the total cost of this loan by:

  • The amount of interest that you would be required to pay in the event of early repayment.
  • Other costs that you would otherwise have to pay if you did not repay the loan early.

According to the law, the practice should look like this: You have concluded a consumer loan and repay it. After 2 years you have the option to pay the remaining 3 years of repayment at once. You will notify the lender and the lender will provide you with the following information without undue delay:

  • It will calculate the amount you have to pay. This will be divided into principal, interest and other early repayment costs.
  • It will give you information about the amount of reimbursement. They must state all assumptions and calculate these costs.
  • It will give you information on other consequences of early repayment.

Right to reimbursement

Right to reimbursement

However, a creditor, such as a bank, has the right to require you to be reimbursed in the event of early repayment of the costs incurred in connection with such early repayment. However, the costs must be purposefully incurred and proven to be due to the early repayment of the loan. And they may not claim these costs at all if you paid them for one of the following reasons:

  • As part of insurance coverage intended to ensure repayment of consumer credit.
  • Where the consumer credit has been granted in the form of an overdraft facility.
  • If you have repaid it during a period for which no fixed interest rate has been set.
  • The amount charged by the creditor shall not exceed 1% of the early repayment, provided that the period between the early and agreed repayment and the agreed end of the consumer credit exceeds 1 year.
  • If the period is less than 1 year, the creditor shall not charge you more than 0.5% of the prepaid portion of the total amount of the consumer credit.
  • Also, the amount of reimbursement may not exceed the amount of interest that you would otherwise have paid if you paid regularly until the end of the agreed period. In other words, you can only save on early repayment of consumer credit.
  • However, this does not apply to housing credit . You can only repay it fully if the contract lasts for more than 2 years. The fee may not exceed 1% of the prematurely paid amount and its maximum amount is limited to USD 50,000.

Limitation of sanctions

Limitation of sanctions

There has also been a clear definition of penalties for debt recovery and default. Newly, a creditor will only be able to charge you for the following:

  • Purposefully incurred costs related to debt recovery.
  • Legal default interest.
  • A penalty of 0.1% for each day of delay (max. 50% of the outstanding amount and max. USD 200,000).

You can convert foreign currency credit

You can convert foreign currency credit

Consumer loans in foreign currency will also undergo a change. If you take it, you run the exchange rate risk. As the rate develops to your disadvantage, the loan becomes more expensive and you may not have enough money to repay it.

Therefore, according to § 116 of the Consumer Credit Act, the provider must allow you to change the currency of this credit to:

  • The currency in which you had your primary income at the time when your creditworthiness was associated with that loan.
  • the currency in which you held the assets from which this loan is to be repaid. Again, at the time your creditworthiness for this loan was last assessed,
  • the currency of the Member State where you were resident at the time of the conclusion of the contract,
  • the currency of the Member State where you reside at the time you request the change.

In addition, pursuant to Section 103 of the Consumer Credit Act, a foreign currency credit provider must inform you at least once a year of:

  • the amount remaining to be paid,
  • the amount of each installment,
  • conditions for applying any currency change,
  • other risk mitigation measures arising from changes in the exchange rate.

What does she have to tell you?

Section 94–98 of the Consumer Credit Act defines the information that the credit provider must provide to you before you conclude the contract. Among other things, it is obliged to publish information on the intermediary and its commission on its website. The contract will be required in writing only in specific cases, such as exclusive contracts.

If you require advice from the provider, the provider has the right to charge it. However, the resulting advice or output must be printed.

Payment only after signing

Payment only after signing

Pursuant to Section 83 of the Consumer Credit Act, the right to any remuneration will not be newly granted to the provider or intermediary. The exception is:

  • Right to reimbursement of taxes.
  • Right to reimbursement of administrative fees.
  • Right to reimbursement of other similar cash benefits and reasonable costs.

Withdrawal within 14 days without giving any reason

Withdrawal within 14 days without giving any reason

Even if you sign a consumer credit agreement, you have the right to read the agreement under Section 118 and cancel it without any penalty within 14 days of conclusion. You must resign in writing.

In order to be considered as being complied with, you must send this withdrawal to the consumer credit provider in paper form by postal service no later than the last day of the 14-day period.

Change in the use of the lien

Change in the use of the lien

The Consumer Credit Act also affects the lien and the creditor. The pledgee will have to notify you 6 months in advance that he is planning to sell the mortgaged property in order to satisfy his claim. At the same time, it cannot prevent you from selling it for debt repayment.

If the creditor fails to comply with the aforementioned deadline and enters the lien in a public list or register, the period of 6 months shall commence only from the date of such registration.  And you can’t even agree with a creditor that you only need to notify you in less than 6 months.

When to expect changes?

When to expect changes?

The Act will come into effect at the beginning of the fourth month after its publication in the Collection of Laws. Therefore, even if it was announced in July 2016, it will not take effect until 1 November 2016.

Contracts that will be concluded after the effective date will be fully governed by the new law. Contracts concluded prior to the effective date of the Act shall be governed by this Act only if the terms and conditions change. However, the level of individual sanctions will be governed by all contracts as of the effective date of the Consumer Credit Act.

What is important, however, is that these changes are brought to the attention of consumers, so that they know how to behave in key situations.

The Ministry of Finance should devote time and funds to educate consumers in the awareness raising campaign and to protect the benefits that the new law has given them the right to use.

Fast credit: how long to get your money?

January 3, 2020


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Do you need money quickly to finance a project or to deal with an unexpected event? How to get your money as quickly as possible, and what real delay should you expect? Explanations.

Fast credit, how much?

Fast credit, how much?

Getting credit quickly is possible, at least up to a point. Obtaining the money essentially involves two stages: the offer stage, which can be very quick, and the payment stage, which may take longer.

Get an offer

Get an offer

Obtaining the offer involves contacting a service provider: a credit bank, an agency or a broker. In order, it will be:

  • Contact the service provider, announce the desired amount, the planned reimbursement period, and announce their situation.
  • Provide the documents necessary to study the file. At a minimum, these will be copies of salary slips, identity card and rent lease.
  • Wait for the decision and, if the application is accepted, receive the credit contract for signature.

The time required to obtain an offer varies depending on your situation, the time required to collect the documents, but also the efficiency of the service provider. Going through a credit agency, accustomed to dealing with banks, can thus guarantee a faster processing of the request. In all cases, it takes at least 2 to 3 days to receive a decision and the credit contract. In fact, this process can easily take a week to gather and transmit the necessary documents, then receive an offer in return.

Get your money

Get your money

If the application is accepted, you receive a credit contract to sign and return. Since 2016, however, Swiss law has imposed a period of 14 days between signing the contract and paying the money! Depending on the desired method of payment, you must then add up to 24 hours for the payment to actually arrive in your bank account.

Speed ​​up the process

Speed ​​up the process

Do you want to get a loan as soon as possible? To quickly obtain the desired amount, you can use a few tips:

  • The choice of agency : choose an experienced agency to apply for your loan quickly. The latter will know precisely which documents will be necessary for the study of the file. This will avoid unnecessary trips to and from the bank to provide new documents.
  • Document preparation : find out and prepare the necessary documents in advance. The copies of the documents must be of good quality: we prefer a scan to a photograph. Do not hesitate to send the documents by e-mail for more speed!
  • Choice of payment : it is possible to withdraw cash, which allows you to get your money directly after the 14 days linked to the waiting period, without having to wait for the transfer to be effective.

Contact the right provider

Contact the right provider

Specialized in credit for almost twenty years, Best Credit can help you get your credit quickly. Do not hesitate to contact Best Credit for a non-binding proposal or simply inquire about the documents necessary for the study of your file.

What you need to know about each type of credit

December 30, 2019


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When it comes to urgent financial needs and looking for the best consumer loan or credit option, you can get lost in different types of loans. Different purpose loans or credits tell us about different services. Therefore, in today’s Buendía family blog post, we talk about the main types of loans, what they are different and when it is best to choose.

Housing loan

home loan

If you are planning to buy your own home – you probably won’t have all the money right away, so with your down payment, the next step is to look for the best home loan prices. Mortgages differ from others in that they are usually of the longest maturity and can last up to several decades. You also need your own down payment to get a home loan.

Often people who rent a home for quite a long time come to the conclusion that paying a mortgage is almost like paying monthly rent, with the only benefit of eventually becoming a home. However, when choosing a home loan, it is extremely important to evaluate your payment options, as this commitment is extremely long-term, and keep in mind that this loan will take years to pay, so it is essential to take the time to find the best deal.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is usually used when a larger amount of money is needed for unexpected expenses. Consumer credit can be short-term, with borrowings of just a few weeks or months, and long-term, with borrowing times up to several years.

The advantage of consumer credit is that you do not have to spend a lot of time, go to the bank several times and manage many different documents to get it. Make it all the power at home, even without getting off the couch Credit can be ordered online and the money will be in your account the same day.

Collateralized loan

Collateralized loan

This is a type of loan where a certain amount of money is only given through a mortgage. The pledge can be, for example, a house, a homestead, a car, etc. The pledged property provided all payments are timely, can be used without any restrictions.

However, when choosing this type of loan, it is crucial to have a good look at your solvency and ability to meet your financial obligations, as you run the risk of losing your mortgaged property in the event of serious financial difficulties.

Business loan

Business loan

This type of loan may be granted to legal persons who wish to develop their existing business or to natural persons who are just interested in starting their own business.

Business loans can be made to purchase a variety of equipment or facilities, when needed for raw materials or to invest in new business.



Refinancing is the process of transferring an existing financial obligation to another institution in an effort to reduce the interest payable, extend the maturity or otherwise improve the terms of payment. However, it is worth considering whether refinancing is really the best option that will save you money. Calculate what premiums you would receive when you transferred liability to another company, how interest would change, and how much you would pay in total. Of course, there are certain situations where refinancing reduces the burden of liabilities, but sometimes it happens that even with the refinancing of a loan, the interest rate reduction is extremely minimal.

Before choosing a loan type, think carefully about the amount you need and borrow only what you really need to avoid potential financial difficulties. Also, consider the purposes for which you need a loan and this will make it easier for you to choose the best lender.

Credit comparison: how to save on your interests? An example

December 4, 2019


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Faced with the many players in the consumer credit market, it is not always easy to know where to turn. What is the use of an online credit comparator compared to the comparison of offers made by a specialist? We offer some explanations and an example of a customer who saved more than 5,000 dollars thanks to a better rate.


Beware of online credit rate comparators

online credit rate

In the idea, to compare the various offers proposed by the banks is attractive. It would then be enough to enter the desired amount and the duration of the loan to instantly know the best offer. In practice, this procedure works well for services with fixed conditions, such as insurance, but much less for private credit.

Indeed, the rates offered are not universal. For the same amount and the same loan duration, two borrowers may be offered completely different rates by the same bank. Indeed, each request is analyzed by the banks and is the subject of a tailor-made offer. Thus, it is simply not possible to offer a reliable credit comparator: “automatic” analysis is simply not possible. A comparison of solutions must necessarily go through the study of the file: something that an online comparator cannot do, for example.


How best to compare loan offers?

compare loan

The solution to get a real comparison of offers, that is to say an analysis that takes into account your specific situation, remains to go through the services of a specialist like Multicredit, which offers a credit rate comparison service. The latter can then:

  • Study the file
  • Ask your banking partners for individual offers
  • Compare the offers received
  • Possibly still negotiate more advantageous rates


Comparing effectively saves money: an example

piggy bank

A bank employee, wealth manager and endowed with a good income, wished to obtain a private loan of 200,000 dollars . The specialist in charge of his file essentially selected the offers of two banks for reimbursement on 60 monthly payments:

  • A first offer with a rate of 7.9%
  • The second offer with a rate of 6.9%

A quick calculation of the costs makes it possible to realize that this difference of only 1% represents for the client a saving of 5,315 dollars on the interest paid! In this situation, calling on a specialist for the comparison of rates allows real savings! In addition, the latter, once the best alternative has been selected, can still negotiate to obtain an even more attractive rate!


To summarize

credit loan

While online credit comparators can be useful for getting a general idea of ​​the markets, they do not allow you to compare real rates, as these depend on the situation of each borrower. The best alternative therefore remains to call in a specialist. It is then the experience and professionalism of the person in charge of the file that will allow to obtain a neutral and real comparison and to save on the interests of his future loan.